Meeting Room Booking Solution for Singapore

Meeting Room Solution

Book Desk is a winning solution for meeting room bookings.

Meeting Room booking is an additional feature for collaborative team work environments.  Apart from Desk Booking, the group /team booking has features of adding a meeting room, change the schedule for a current booking.

Meeting Room creation option with a specified number of seats and trace booking availability status of the required time slots to select while booking, validation for meeting room capacities with respect  to team capacities are some of the advantages of meeting room solutions . 

Admin has various options for allocation of meeting room time slots to different departments / groups, cancellation of meeting room booking in case of priority meetings.

We provide meeting room booking software Book Desk for online meeting room booking and online room booking system for workplaces. We are the best meeting room booking system for workplaces.

Desk Booking Solution for Organizations

Checks & Insights

Book Desk application ensures in removing human errors in relying on a phone system to manage desk booking policy by allocation of profiles, roles and permissions appropriately to different departments in organizations 

Book Desk is  simple and intuitive to important reports and analytics through dashboard.

Easily overcome operational deficiencies irrespective of organization size without any limits to system scaling.

Overcome manual system errors which restricts management’s ability to understand facility usage insights.  Book Desk ensures organizations get the very valuable insights through dashboards & reports.

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