Desk Booking IoT Solutions in Singapore

Book Desk IoT Solution

Book Desk offers an IoT device enabled complete solution with touch-less devices that can communicate with our IoT server for several use cases.

Desk booking IoT Solutions in Singapore
IoT Solutions in Singapore

Self Check-in Device at Entry

This is a multipurpose device used primarily for check-in by the employee. This is a device with capability to measure the body temperature, read the employee ID badge / QR code displayed in the Mobile App and send this data to the IoT Server.

  1. Handheld thermometer with built-in new C or a small device attachment which communicates with other device using NFC / RF / Bluetooth. This device which is an attachment to the thermometer, can read or receive the temperature measured by the thermometer.
  2. IoT Device with capability to connect to the internet using WiFi or LAN. This device receives the measured temperature from the built-in attachment to the thermometer via NFC / RF / Bluetooth. This device connects to the current ID Badge reader to identify if the person is an employee and combines these two employee ID, temperature and sends to our IoT Server.
Desk booking IoT Services in Singapore
Book Desk IoT Solution

Desk Device

This is a wall mount connected to power with a single wire or battery. Can be installed on a desk partition wall, on desktop, at the entrance of a meeting room or on facilities like coffee machine, tv screen, lift, etc.


  • Capability to connect to the internet through WiFi / BLE Mesh
  • Occupancy detection through IR or motion sensor coupled with Body heat sensor
  • Built-in ID Badge reader used for hotdesk purposes or to re-ensure if the right employee is sitting in the right desk.
  • LED Status Display like Amber indicating need of sanitization, Red indicating as booked or occupied, Green indicating as free to occupy and White as occupied.
  • RFID Tag to identify the unit’s uniqueness

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